MakerCon – The Nordic Edition


Prototyping With littleBits Presented by MakerKids
Erica Tiberia, Makerspace Leader and Instructor, MakerKids

littleBits, an award-winning library of Electronics, has been dubbed “LEGOs for the iPad generation.” littleBits is the easiest and most extensive way to learn and prototype with electronics. In this hands on workshop, we will learn how littleBits can help designers, artists, and children alike take their idea from concept to prototype easily and quickly. Come bring your own inventions to life by building prototypes with bits from this ever-growing library of electronic modules, ranging from the very simple (power, sensors, LED) to the very complex (wireless, programmable).

Erica Tiberia is a leader and instructor at MakerKids, one of the only makerspaces for kids in the world. She is a molecular biologist by training, a lifelong maker, and a believer that science and technology should be accessible to everyone. She develops and instructs programs such as Arduino robotics, 3D printing, and laser cutting for kids and adults, and works with educators to teach them how to do high tech making with kids.

Reverse Engineering for Kids
Erik Torstensson, Strawbees, Professional Play Uncle

Erik will teach you how to use Strawbees to make common mechanics and learn how to deconstruct mechanical objects we have around us in our daily lives. The workshop is a playful way of teaching both kids and grown ups about how to figure out how things work through trying out different solutions as you go. Build an umbrella, a lamp, folding chairs and more. If time allows it we will briefly touch upon animating the things with micro servos and motors.

Erik Torstensson Erik Torstensson is a mechanical engineer, serial entrepreneur and maker of things and was named maker of the year 2014 by Maker Fair for his efforts in teaching science and making in schools around the world. Erik is also a co-founder of Creatables, a company that hacks industrial productions to produce designer products from industrial surplus and also started the spinoff Ass-Savers which is a perfect example of how lean green entrepreneurship can be incredibly competitive if branded in the right way. Erik latest invention, Strawbees, recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that got almost five times the funding goal.

Build your own Quadcopter
Henning Pedersen, Multicopter consultant, Rotorshop

Learn how to build a quadcopter from scratch in just 3 hours! The workshops includes a basic introduction to: Propellers, motors, regulators, lipo battery and maintenance, frame construction, flight controller and setup, and signal theory. You put it all together and get a flying quad!

Henning Pedersen has 3 years of intensive multirotor building, workshop and presentation experience. He also works for the university as a consultant.

3D printer Hacks and Mods
Erik de Bruijn, co-founder Ultimaker

In this workshop we're going to imagine and make something in a new way. We will be going over the architecture of the Ultimaker 3D printer, including electronics, mechanics, firmware and PC side toolchain. The workshop will be hands on.

Erik de Bruijn is co-founder of Ultimaker and CEO of 3D sharing platform YouMagine. Erik has a passion for connecting digital fabrication tools and communities.

Bar Hacking
Graham Hayward, Fellesverkstedet and Hans Christian Skovholt, Dronebrygg

What happens when you fuse craft beer and open access CNC milling? Fellesverkstedet presents a freeflow workshop about shaping your beer drinking experience in collaboration with local microbrewery Dronebrygg. We invite you to join us in using a high quality CNC milling machine to build and modify our very own mobile bar. Drop in all day.

Graham Hayward is the founder and general manager of Fellesverkstedet. He has provided Oslo with its largest ever open access production facility, enabling local artists and creators to take their work to previously inconceivable levels. Since the start of Automaton in 2008 he has been instrumental in creating dedicated open access production facilities in Oslo, and providing domestic and international consultation to a broad range of individuals and organizations.

Digital loves analog
Ane Thon Knutsen and Jens Dyvik, Fellesverkstedet

Ever wanted to go from analog to digital or from digital to analog fabrication? In this two hour workshop you will get the chance to combine computer controlled lasercutting with letterpress print techniques.

Ane Thon Knutsen is a graphic designer situated in Oslo. She is specialized in tactile print processes, working in-between analogue and digital techniques, like laser cutting and letterpress, UV-printers and etching. With a truckload of type she joined Fellesverkstedet in 2012. Today she's running the letterpress department and the laser cutter at Fellesverkstedet, always looking to expand the use of old and new technologies in combination.

Jens Dyvik is a designer specialized in global collaboration and local manufacturing. He works with emotional connections between people and products, and aims to create services and products that help make those connections meaningful. In 2013 he concluded a two year research world tour, where he worked at open collaborative workspaces on all corners of the world. He is currently applying this research into open design and personal manufacturing in Oslo, enabling him to make a living from an open and sharing design approach. He is also the co-founder of Fellesverkstedet, a super-FabLab in the making in Oslo.

ioT Mobile Clinic
Alex Jonsson and Andreas Lundquist, VP Community, Evothings

In this workshop you will use open source development and prototyping tool Evothings Studio, to hook up phones to connected things, using apps for iOS and Android. This workshop has lined up a number of templates for you to use, modify and extend to suit your project, which could involve an Arduino microcontroller, a set of Philips Hue lamps, a Texas Instruments Sensor, or some iBeacons. Try them out and see what new ideas come up. We also introduce a web-style dev cycle, where you can quickly iterate between builds, and see the result directly on devices. This is a key element to get the speed in prototyping many developers are looking for. This is an opportunity to play around with a growing list of ready-to-use templates that you can modify and use as you like, and discuss mobile in IoT with developers on-site. — we hope you’ll get inspired and create wonderful applications and lots of fun for anyone using them.

Alex Jonsson co-founder and VP Community at software development company Evothings, supporting companies and developers world-wide with efficient solutions for mobile development within the Internet of Things industry (a.k.a m2m, industrial internet, embedded). Dr Jonsson has a media industry background, though shifting irreversibly into the mobile domain. leading to doctoral studies on information sharing at Stanford University, Palo Alto CA, followed by studies on event-driven multi- channel publishing workflows and a doctoral degree in Stockholm in early 2001. Until engaging full-time at MoSync, Alex Jonsson held a position as associate professor at the department for Media Technology and Graphic Arts at KTH, founding partner of Mobile Monday Singapore chapter and an active membership of Kista Mobile Showcase, First Monday Club, speaker and panel member at entrepreneurial gatherings on a monthly basis in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Documentation is futile, make machines do it
Jon Nordby Software Engineer at TheGrid

Documentation is a pain, so most maker-projects lack one or more pieces of documentation to make them understandable, useful and reproducable. What if the machines used in digital fabrication would do most of it for us? Lets hack it together!

Jon Nordby is a Software Engineer at TheGrid. Jon is very active in the local hacker/maker scene, especially the Bitraf hackerspace. His current mission is to make creation of electronics prototypes and products as fun & rewarding as pure-software projects.