MakerCon – The Nordic Edition

MakerCon – the Nordic Edition 2014!

(MakerCon – the Nordic Edition – took place in October 2014.)

MakerCon is a two day conference by and for makers about hardware innovation. It is a conference about making things and sharing ideas. We invite makers from all over Europe to come and share their experience and expertise in fields such as digitial fabrication, design, prototyping, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and production.

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MakerCon connects individuals at the forefront of the maker movement with leading keynote speakers, fun workshops and a temporary maker space. MakerCon is for inventors, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, geeks and tinkerers. And last, but not least, there will be lots of good coffee and a MakerCon party for all participants. Everyone is welcome!

Our MakerCon mission and agenda

  • Celebrate makers and making
  • Recognize innovation and ingenuity
  • Meet and mix with makers
  • Exchange views and visions
  • Explore the potential of tools & technology
  • Visualize the future
  • Delve into emerging market trends
  • Demo exciting new products

The original MakerCon was held in San Mateo, California in May 2014. In September it is held in New York. The Nordic Edition is held in Oslo, Norway, October 17th to 18th.

Come and join MakerCon
– the first MakerCon in Europe!

Who's behind MakerCon – the Nordic Edition?

Roger Antonsen

Jon Haavie

Ida Faldbakken

Fredrik Winther

In collaboration with maker spaces in Oslo:

Supporters and collaborators: